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Our Property




We have 15 acres of unspoiled forest,
With spruce, birch, and old growth fir.
Wildflowers abound, birds and wildlife, too,
And the air up here is sweet and pure.

The house is perched high overlooking Bridge Lake,
We so enjoy that spectacular view,
Join us on the deck, with beverage in hand,
‘Watching Cariboo TV’* is what we’ll do!

Our yard is chock full of flowers and shrubs,
Vicki takes pride in what she has done!
The grass is Dennis’s job – but he does admit,
“I fought the lawn and the lawn won”!

We have carved out walking trails all through the place,
It’s just 4 minutes down to lakeside,
And, if you have brought your horse along,
There are places where you can ride.

(We can't provide horses for our guests, thus it should be known,
If you want to ride a horse here, you’ll have to bring your own!)

We’re easy to find, (even for the directionally impaired),
As we are right on the ‘Fishing Highway’ corridor,
Look for the tall gate and the big wooden sign,
At 7945 Highway 24!



*Thanks to our good friend, the late Steve Williams, for this quote!


Chaga growing on birch tree.

Foggy day on the lake - big fish swallowing little fish!

Volunteer pansies!

Cat tail shaped like a loon!

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